We are open!

We are open!

It is official: the Boucherie Grinder, located at the intersection of Notre-Dame West street and Richmond street, is now open!

Now that he already owns 3 restaurants, Jean-François Corriveau wishes to get off the beaten path and experiment with the art of butchery. Specialized in meat aging, the Boucherie Grinder will certainly please all food lovers. Since our meat looks as good as it tastes, it is showcased like jewelry in our shop window, in a refrigerated display case visible from the street.

Since this day and age is all about the 2.0, the Boucherie Grinder is committed to providing you with the best meat, and only a clic from your home. We combine the advantages of a local convenient store with Internet orders, as well as customized services, such as home delivery.

Charles Bizeul, our master butcher, introduces you to steak art; his framework is high quality meat, handled with finesse. Bizeul was initiated to “neo-butchery”, a new trend promoting traceability, and he was trained at Fleisher’s, the New York butcher shop where the movement was born. To celebrate our grand opening, representatives from Fleisher's will be on site to share their experience and expertise with you.

Our butchers have a special talent for the art of maturing the meat, and that of the cut. “During my training, I developped my knowledge in terms of nose to tail meat cutting, in dry aging, as well as in charcuterie. Over the weeks, I learned all of the techniques required for the complete cutting of the animal, as well as the processing of animal parts for retail and for restaurants", says Charles.

“We provide for three restaurants: Grinder, Hachoir and Lea : that means a large turnover and allows for a large inventory of meats, ” adds Jean-François.

Ready-to-serve dishes and seasonings for your meat will also be available on site.

Meat and food lovers are sure to be delighted!