magazine "Man About Montréal"

magazine "Man About Montréal"

With 3 restaurants already under his belt, Jean-François Corriveau next set his sights, logically enough, on food service and retail. The food? Meat. The retail? Boucherie Grinder, the latest room to join the already healthy roster of the city's 'nose-to-tail' butcher shops - market-style spaces where it's all about the aging process, in-depth product knowledge, specialty cuts, and a convenient, lifestyle-driven shopping experience.

With expertise in dry-matured meat that looks as good hanging in the refrigerated expanse of windows at the corner of Notre-Dame and Richmond as they would be searing on your barbecue, master butcher Charles Bizeul elevates steak to an art form, and is eager to share his passion. A stint at Fleisher’s, the New York shop and birthplace of the 'neo-butchery' movement, taught him all about provenance, traceability, and the techniques involved in using as much of the animal as possible.

Charcuterie, and the processing of animal parts for both retail and restaurants rounded out his training, a valuable skill set for a group that provides for Grinder, Hachoir, and Lea. 'A large turnover allows for more inventory and a greater depth of choice for our clients', says Jean-François.

Speaking of clientele, while exposed sides of beef may not be everyone's idea of attractive window displays (PETA and FEMEN steer clear!), everything is geared to the on-the-go, sometimes hectic schedule of the end user: local professionals who likely already frequent Grinder down the street, appreciate and seek out quality, and live close by.

The somewhat artisanal space is airy and easy to browse, the hours are extended (open until 10pm four nights a week) for a drive by after work, and nice add-ons include valet service, online orders, and home delivery. Some ready-to-serve dishes (an area they could probably expand on) and meat seasonings are also available on site.
Our bet however is that even if you don't live in or around Griffintown you'll want to detour and check out the wares.